At your disposal on the Domaine de la Brégellerie  :

  • The secure pool is open on the flower garden. It is open on sunny days where you can relax after a walk, refresh yourself during the hot hours or swim in the evening ;
  • The private park with trees and flowers where you can enjoy the close proximity to campaign ;
  • The pond, relaxing place for parts of frenzied fisheries ;
  • Also at your disposal barbecue, garden furniture and table tennis ;
  • Private parking for your vehicle.



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    24H 008

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Activities optionally available on request

Visits to private estates
You will be welcomed by the owners who will show you the features and history of their heritage.


Gourmet meal
A gourmet dinner or lunch in two exceptional sites (to be defined following the path of visits and trips), including one run by a Michelin-starred chef.


Private tasting
Private tasting of exceptional wines of the Loire, the Manoir Saint Thomas in the heart of Amboise.


Relaxation / massage
To take a break, enjoy a moment of relaxation : relaxation and massage room at Domaine de la Bregellerie or at Manoir Saint Thomas.


Hot air Balloon / Helicopter
Hot air Balloon or private boat from where you can admire the most beautiful castles of the Loire Valley (or helicopter flight following the weather conditions of the time). It is possible to stay (optional) in a fully privatised place where you can dine with candlelight and sleep on site in stately room and take off from the same site the next morning (balloon or helicopter).


A particular project ? Wishes ?
Do not hesitate to contact us at +33 2 41 82 11 69